Circle Arts Workshops are created with wellness, creativity, and playfulness in mind. Our hula hoop workshops are perfect entertainment options for festivals, schools, markets, community groups, team building, work functions, and celebrations.

Bring something empowering to your next event by booking a hula hoop workshop.

We have three standard hoop workshop packages available which can be tailored to suit your event. Circle Arts Hooping will provide all the necessary hoops required. Please get in touch with any questions you have or to book a workshop.


Do you want to dance with your hoop in time to the music; with pizzazz and flair? How about new ways to link your tricks together with flow and grace? Hoopography workshops will guide you through a routine, break down moves, and get you dancing in your hoop. Explore movements that will strengthen your body and bring out your inner hoop star! Leave feeling lighter, happier, and healthier.


Hoopercise workshops are all about fun and fitness. Burn mega calories and get fit, all in a super playful and supportive environment. Hoopercise increases your coordination and flexibility. It also tones your arms, legs, abs, and butt; all while giving you a dance based sweaty cardio workout. This workshop is all about getting active with your hoop and having a blast.


At Circle Arts Hooping we understand that in this day and age most of us live busy lives. For holistic well being, activities that nurture the mind, body, and spirit are necessary. Our Mindful Hooping workshops are an opportunity to drop into a safe and supported space. We focus on breath work, yoga, and movement meditation using our hoops as a guide. Throughout this workshop you get to exercise the body, ease tension, and relax the mind. It’s playful, it’s joyful, and you will leave feeling centred and nourished.


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Our workshops and school programs are a great way for school kids to build their self confidence, fitness, and hand-eye coordination. All in a supportive and encouraging environment. The children learn how to hoop on different parts of their body as well as learn hula hoop tricks and play lots of games. We bring the hoops and make sure the games, tricks, and moves taught are suitable for each age group.


All of our instructors are fully insured and have valid working with children checks. Circle Arts Hooping have taught at many different events all over Melbourne.

Are you a parent?
Why not suggest hula hooping as a great activity for your child at school? Send this link to your school’s PE teacher or principal and get the hoop rolling!