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Sacred Circles 5 Week Series

Sacred Circles is a new online hoop dance course, encompassing a weekly practice of devotional hoop dance choreography, yoga, meditation, ritual, embodiment and sensuality. This course is designed to reconnect you with your bodies innate wisdom, through exploring sacred movement practices.
We are living in some pretty uncertain times. This course was created with the intention to bring about more calm and focus into your life. A chance to connect deeper with yourself, through these devotional embodiment practices.
*There is no set time or day each week – You will have the freedom to learn at your own pace, and each session runs for 90 minutes.*
The easy to use online classroom gives you the ability to download or stream all videos on to any computer or mobile device.
You will receive 90 minutes of fresh content each week, which will contain:
~ Guided meditation at the beginning and end of each session
~ Guided Yoga practice to get the body warm, as well as a cool down
~ Guided Devotional Hoop Choreography (learning a new section each week to build up to a full routine)
~ Embodiment Rituals
~ Complete online/over the phone support throughout the 5 weeks,
If you have any concerns or queries I will be available to assist.
Sacred Circles 5 week series begins Monday 20th April.
If you have any queries, please email me at

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Private Lessons

Circle Arts Hooping | Hula hoop classes, workshops, parties, and retreats

Private hoop lessons are an excellent way to deepen your hoop dance technique and unlock your flow.

If you’re stuck with a move, needing advice on how to flow tricks together, or you would like some helpful tips on how to strengthen your embodiment as a performer – we got you!

Elle Indika is an experience hula hoop trainer who has helped many people upskill in the art of hoop dance. Private lessons are an opportunity to tell Elle your hoop goals and have a tailored 1:1 session that is perfect for you.

Perfect for:
– Beginners wanting to kick start their hoop journey.
– Hoopers who would like to focus on troubleshooting moves.
– Perhaps you’re looking for an alternative and fun way to keep fit.

Interested in Hoopography?
Elle can also help you create your own hoop dance sequences and share knowledge on how to deepen your onstage presence and embodiment.

Small group packages also available, spin us an email and we can discuss options that would suit.

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I absolutely loved doing classes with Elle! They were the first hoop classes I ever went to and she helped me so much with getting confident in some important hoop foundations when I was really new to hooping. Later when I had progressed a little more I really benefited from learning some more advanced and really unique tricks from Elle. Her classes were always a lot of fun and she broke down the tricks in ways that were clear and really easy to understand. Elle has a lovely energy and creates a beutiful learning space where everyone feels welcome. Thanks Elle for all your support on my hooping journey!

Elle’s hooping classes have helped step up my hooping a notch by having Elle take the time to go slowly throu a move till I got it. Elle is gentle and patient and I always felt comfortable to give things a go. I learnt so much and had lots of fun.

Elle is such an inspiring performer, hooper, and friend. I love Elle’s classes because she is so down to earth and calm when teaching, making it easy to learn. She works with you 1:1 to make sure you get the foundations of the trick. I really improved my flow by working with Elle. Thanks for helping me expand my 2 hoop skills.